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Experienced accounting professional

Leslie A. Sauer, CPA, LLC offers a range of accounting services with a personalized focus on your business at an affordable price point.

She is highly professional, ethical, and passionate about providing excellent customer service. As a sole proprietor, she has flexibility to provide small businesses with the service they desire.

Overwhelmed by the thought of setting up your accounting software?

Leslie Sauer is Quickbooks certified and receives a wholesale discount for clients. She can set-up appropriate accounting software with a client and continue to maintain the accounting records or teach clients how to continue on their own.

Are you maximizing/capturing every dollar you make? 

Leslie Sauer will provide timely and accurate financial statements to give clients the information they need to make sound financial decisions. Completing periodic account reconciliations is a mini-audit verifying each dollar is being captured. 

Too busy starting up your business to ensure compliance with tax laws?  

Instead of spending your valuable time organizing your books and researching tax law for your industry, Leslie Sauer will work with clients to ensure they are meeting tax requirements. She has excellent communication skills, enabling her to help clients understand the steps they need to take for tax compliance. 

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